Find a computer training course near you

You won’t need the latest or most expensive technology to access the internet. In fact, many modern devices can get online, such as:

  • desktop PCs and laptop computers
  • tablet PCs (such as an iPad or Kindle Fire)
  • modern mobile phones
  • even many modern TVs.

Even if you don’t own any of the above or don’t have an internet connection at home, you’ll find many local libraries will have PCs with internet access.

Choosing your internet provider

To get online you’ll need an internet service provider (ISP) to set up internet access either through your telephone line or a mobile device if you haven’t already signed up. To find the best broadband options available in your area, check the uSwitch price comparison website.

Alternatively, you can contact SimplifyDigital at 0800 090 1302 for a free comparison service for broadband options. They can give you the necessary information and support for the best deals.

Access to training and support

CAge UK is concerned that many of us are missing out and work with a network of community projects across the country to provide computer training.

Their computer training courses explain things clearly in plain English to help you get online.

These courses offer easy-to-follow training with the aim that as many of us as possible ultimately enjoy the advantages of computers and the internet.

If you or someone you know wants to learn about technology, you can find out if Age UK is offering computer training nearby here.

If our network isn’t currently providing a course in your area, there may be other organisations providing specialised computer courses and taster sessions for older people near you:

  • Call Age UK’s freephone number 0800 169 6565 for your nearest Age UK and ask about local training opportunities
  • Digital Unite – over 400 free how to guides and tutors offering home based tuition call 0800 228 9272 /
  • Visit UK Online’s website – they have 6,000 centres around the UK providing access to and advice on computers and the internet
  • UCanDoIT – teach people with disabilities in their own home visit or call 020 8673 3300
  • your local Post Office branch can sign post you to local computer support
  • Ask at your local library about computer training opportunities

Teach yourself

If you fancy having a go at teaching yourself about technology, you might be interested in the following options:

  • Digital Unite provides a wide range of guides, which are free, print-friendly and also a great way to support other learners.