Find a cat to rehome at the click of a mouse

Find a cat to rehome at the click of a mouse

Cats Protection has launched a new national feature on their website that will make it much easier for prospective cat owners to browse, choose and adopt or rehome a suitable feline companion in their area.

The new ‘Find a Cat’ function on the charity’s homepage will allow people to view all the cats available for adoption within a 30-mile radius of their home.

By entering their home postcode, potential adopters will be instantly directed to pages showing pictures and fact-files on all the fabulous felines in their area in need of good homes.

Cats Protection is keen to encourage people to adopt rather than buy if they are considering getting a cat, as figures from the charity’s national helpline currently show that for every one person enquiring about adopting a cat there are 10 people calling to give up a cat or report a stray. The ratio was one to three in 2009 and indicates a bleak future for cats.

Lee Bishop, for Cats Protection, said: “We know that the ‘Find a Cat’ tool makes it easier for people to adopt a cat from us. Adopting from Cats Protection means you are not only giving a home to an animal in need, but you will also have peace of mind that your cat has been examined by a veterinary surgeon, microchipped, vaccinated, neutered (if old enough) and will come with four weeks’ free insurance.

To search for a cat using the ‘Find a Cat’ tool, visit