What are ewe looking at?

What are ewe looking at?

This cheeky farmyard animal has accidentally taken the world’s first selfie – by a SHEEP.

The cute lamb managed to take his own picture after his owner David Fursdon put down his phone.

David placed the handset on the floor of a barn to bottle feed the lamb’s sister and the cheeky three-week-old sibling went to investigate.

Sheep selfie 2

The Greyfaced Dartmoor lamb, which has not yet been named, pressed his nose against the phone – and took a snap of himself.

Proud owner David, from Exeter, Devon, took to Twitter to post the shot – the world’s first sheepselfie – or a SHEEPIE.

He said:  “He managed to borrow the phone to take a selfie. What do you think?

“He nicked the phone while I was bottle feeding his sister! He’s bright!”

The word “selfie” was named as the word of the year in 2013.