Care to lead by example

Care to lead by example

Modern day living leaves little quality time for family and neighbourhood relationships, let alone time to reflect on what really matters. Rather than make choices, many people feel obliged to meet all demands and live up to unrealistic standards. The resulting stress takes its toll on physical and mental health, and is a cause of conflict.

Heavy funding cuts to publicly funded advice and representation have diminished access to justice for many groups including the over 50s. This is causing individuals in need of help so much anxiety the extent of which is disturbing.

We help people resolve the challenges that face them. We equip individuals, or their volunteers, with the tools to handle stressful situations and have the confidence to act.

Our community projects help people improve their circumstances. For example, mature housing tenants learned skills to raise issues clearly and constructively, with the confidence to stand up, speak, and question management.

Helping the over 50s

FreshTies has assisted many families who were banned from care homes as a result of raising concerns about care of their loved ones. Mature Times readers have kindly given their support as volunteers to help people gain the confidence and coping mechanisms to deal with difficult situations.

They were given the strength to raise issues, deal with authority figures and take positive action to reach a resolution. One Mature Times reader, Paul Doolan, gained the confidence to set up his own care group.

care to lead by exampleHow you can help

We would love to hear from readers who are retired or have free time to offer their support by helping us with business expertise or connecting us with community groups and charities who may benefit from our work.

FreshTies help people to improve lives through the skills and confidence to take a lead.

We ask you to talk to friends or relatives in businesses, charities or the public sector. Let them know about our work giving people the confidence to act. You can contact me on, 02920 371 895 or

By Ash Poddar
Founder of FreshTies