– Great value, not to be missed! – Great value, not to be missed! have been delivering top quality flower bulbs, roses, perennials, indoor plant seeds, and other garden related products for over 70 years, taking great pride in offering all the garden information and help that you need to make the right choices and, if necessary, to ‘hold your hand’ as you develop your skills on the road to becoming the expert gardener.

Bakker’s flower bulbs are cultivated with great care and, as a member of the “Hallmark Flower Bulbs of Holland” organisation they will only supply bulbs that meet the strictest quality standards. In fact they were recently awarded the highest grade possible. However, they recognise that there is always a small risk in growing live products and if, for any reason, your purchase should fail to bloom, you can always rely on their ‘no-quibble’ growth and flowering guarantee.

They also provide clear terms and conditions and take great pains to deliver what you order at the correct planting time. With a long tradition of superior customer service, value for money and plants of the highest quality, continue to attract new customers.

Unique offers such as the Tulip pizza make planting tulips easier than ever before and ideal to give as a gift. The tulips come in a ‘ready to go’ mix of colours – in a pizza box! Simply plant the whole biodegradable pizza into the ground and top up with soil and that’s it! Visit to find out more.

And watch out for their special offer of 60 tulips (6 different varieties) reduced by over 60% to just £8.99! Great value, not to be missed!

To find out more visit, or call 0344 481 1001 and request your own catalogue for FREE – just quote Mature Times.