Avoiding care professionals with their eyes wide shut

Avoiding care professionals with their eyes wide shut

The care home may look perfect in the brochure, but is that a true reflection of what it’s like to live there? Can the manager’s claims be trusted?

Written by an insider who’s worked in care for sixteen years, this book will show you how to tell if all is really as it seems.

Are the home’s residents looked upon as people, or just as money generators? Will your mum be allowed something to drink in the evening, or will she be left thirsty just so she won’t need the lavatory in the night? How can we make sure that abuse in care homes is finally stamped out?

Behind care home doorsBehind Those Care Home Doors is for anyone with any level of investment in quality of care. If you’re looking for a care home for your loved one, if you’re involved in the care industry, if there’s any chance you might go into care yourself, this book will help you identify the problems that currently exist in care and see how they could be addressed.

Being in the care industry for sixteen years I have seen how care professionals hide things from residents’ families and potential clients viewing homes.

After having to safeguard Sir Douglas Bader’s wife from neglect in a care home, sadly Lady Bader is now in her fourth care home due to poor care.

Nothing surprises me anymore when stories about poor care come to light but many professionals ignore the voices of concerned staff which has to stop.

My wish from this book is simple, I want everyone treated like our own mum or dad, these people we look after are people’s most precious relatives and good end of life care is the last gift we can give.

The reason for me writing the book, a Nurse Manager telling me I was poor at my job because I showed emotion when losing a patient. I should see my residents as a number, my wages and not a friend.

The day I feel this way I will not be in this job.

By Adeline Dalley