10 basic door and window security tips

10 basic door and window security tips

Whether you live in an inner-city apartment or a country mansion, always take the necessary steps to protect your property – after all burglaries and break-ins can happen anywhere at any time. Basic door and window security is essential, so take a look at these 10 handy tips that will help safeguard your premises.

1. Invest in security bars/grilles

If you’re worried about people accessing your property unlawfully, it might be worth investing in security bars/concertina window grilles, from the likes of Security Direct. These make it extremely hard for people to break in and enter and offer protection against vandalism.

2. Make sure your windows can be locked

All windows –both upstairs and downstairs – should be fitted with at least one key-operated lock to help improve security. Windows that are not in use should be kept locked at all times.

3. Make the most of window restrictors

While devices that prevent a window from being fully opened won’t necessarily deter criminals, they’ll make it harder for them to get into your home.

4. Opt for reinforced glass

Often, burglars use stones and bricks to smash windows, so make their job harder by opting for reinforced glass or security film. These will help defend against direct attacks on the glass and prevent your property from being robbed or damaged.

5. Don’t leave windows open

Even if you’re at home all day, try not to leave windows open in unoccupied rooms as it’s possible for thieves to work quickly and quietly, stealing your belongings while you’re elsewhere in the property. While this might be a scary thought it’s important to know the risks so you can act accordingly.

6. Make sure you lock up

When you leave the house, don’t forget to lock up – even if you’re just going to the local shops. If a break in occurs, your home insurance might not cover you if you’ve left the doors open, so don’t take any risks. What’s more, never leave keys under an outside mat, bin as you never know who could be watching.

7. Upgrade your cylinder locks

According to the West Yorkshire Police, criminals have found a way to overcome cylinder locks, but there are ways to make your home more secure such as ensuring all TS007 locks have a three-star rating.

8. Ensure your timber door locks are up to standards

External timber doors should be secured using a mortice lock and/or night latch that meets British Standard BS3621. The easiest way to check whether you lock complies is to look for the British Standard Kitemark.

9. Fit a door chain

If you want to greet people without opening the door completely, fitting a door chain could be the right option for you. It offers another level of security and will stop people from barging in uninvited.

10. Buy a door with a spy hole

Similarly, doors with a spy hole will allow you to see who’s knocking before you open the door giving you the choice whether to see them or not.

There are numerous things thieves look out for before making a break in, including unlocked doors and windows, so follow these ten tips and up the security of your property.