Help I need to get in past the packaging!

Help I need to get in past the packaging!

Yesterday morning desperate for my early morning cup of tea I struggled to open the new bottle of milk.

This was an ordinary plastic litre bottle such is sold by all shops and once I unscrewed the lid there is a plastic seal with a half flap of plastic to pull off to break the seal.

Could I open it – no, could I get hold of the flap – no!  No way would I be able to open this bottle without resorting to finding a sharp knife to stab at the top and as a consequence spilling milk all over the worktop.

So much mess to clean up and all before I can have my first cup of tea of the day!

This got me thinking about other impossible packaging.  Obviously the nightmare one is the corned beef tin with the key that is hard to remove from the side of the tin and then when you eventually get it to work you are left with razor sharp edges.

Then there is the ring pull on baked beans tins, or actually most tins these day.  What happens when as frequently happens to me, the ring pulls off the top?

And horror of horrors the items sealed under a plastic bubble stuck to a piece of cardboard!

Apparently many people are injured every day by impossible packaging and this is known as ‘wrap rage’.

I can understand that items have to be made tamper proof and child-proof, but could it all be made more accessible, especially to those of us who have stiff joints and weakened hands.

Does anyone else have wrap rage with today’s packaging?  And why is there so much of it?!

by Mrs G Frost, Burnham-on-Sea


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