Get to know Germany as a Granny Aupair!

Get to know Germany as a Granny Aupair!

Families around the world are looking for women aged 50 and over who would love a chance to travel and share their knowledge, while improving their language skills.

More than 1.000 women have already taken up the opportunity to be placed with families in over 40 countries, using website , based in Hamburg, Germany.

Now a rising number of Germany-based international families are waiting to welcome an English-speaking Granny Nanny to their family, to play, paint, bake and sing with children and provide love and comfort while their parents are away working.

Hannelore_MountainsCosmopolitan Hamburg, lovely historic Brunswick, the beautiful landscapes of Germany’s heartland or Bavaria – you can choose from a variety of destinations to spend some time as a Granny Aupair in the midst of Europe.

The families range from a single mother with a small boy, who is relocating from Sweden to Germany up to a lively cosmopolitan family with three little girls.

“Granny Aupair simply connects people worldwide – applying to families and Grannies equally – no matter where they come from,” says Michaela Hansen.

More information about the families can be found after registering for free at

About Granny Aupair  

Granny_Inge_in_ParisThe children have flown the nest, working life has come to an end. What now?

A stay abroad is a good opportunity to gain new experiences, to socialise and to receive new ideas.

Michaela Hansen created a platform for cultural and international exchange with the agency ‘Granny Aupair’.

The initiative places women with experience worldwide in host families, enabling them to break new ground.

An intensive exchange is created between the host families and the grannies: Both sides bridge national, cultural and age gaps.

More information can be found at the multilingual website