Held back by ageism

Held back by ageism

This 80 year old, registered ‘Disabled’ reader enjoyed reading your Christine Parkinson illuminating front page story (issue 286, April 2016), headlined “Held back by ageism”, and as it’s that time of the year for our “Annual senior citizen test”. It’s very important to keep alert with brain activity, my motto being “If you don’t use it – you’ll lose it”.

Believe me when I say that exercising your brain is just as important as exercising your old muscles.

After my accident, and being a patient at three hospitals I found that some of the consultants, doctors and nurses treated me as though I was a piece of cheese past my sell by date on a supermarket shelf. I certainly wasn’t going to be held back by ageism, so when I asked them if they would like to hear me quote sections from the Human Rights act (1998) or the Disability Discrimination act (2005), I was quickly made to feel 21 again!

I keep my brain active whilst my body is inactive by entering competitions such as “Take a Break”, “Chat” or “That’s Life”. It must be working due to the number of prizes that I’ve won! I watch T.V programmes like The Chase and enter into the competition fun.

So don’t let ageism hold you back and enjoy life to the full.

E Williams, Preston